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Learn more about the world’s largest and best business conference and get your questions answered. Hosted by Stephen Martinez, this business seminar is for entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales / marketing professionals, and anyone who wants to American Dream their life.

Come and network with Stephen Martinez and world class speakers while taking your goals to the next level. If you have any additional questions, please visit at

Event General

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Venue & Registration

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Date & Location

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Tickets FAQs

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[Frequently Asked Questions]

Event General

1. What is the American Dream Conference?

A specialized conference for people who want to grow in their life, business, and income. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the best entrepreneurs and experts in the world.

2. How big is the American Dream Conference? How many people will be at the convention?

Our last 2023 American Dream Conference was sold out! We’re expecting our 2024 event to do the same! On June 20-21, over 500+ people will be in attendance at this live conference!

3. Do I need to keep my badge on at all times

YES, it is very important that all attendees keep their badges worn at all times. This will allow access to come in and out of the event. If you purchased a Elite or VIP ticket, you MUST wear your badge in order to get access into the VIP networking event

4. If I bought an Elite or VIP ticket how will I know where the VIP Event will be?

All Elite and VIP holders will be receiving an individual text or email with the location information for the VIP Networking Event!


[Frequently Asked Questions]

Date & Location

1. When and Where is the American Dream Conference

The 2024 American Dream Conference is from June 20-21 and will be held at The Westin Medical Center in Houston,TX.

2. Where is the venue located

The location of the venue is at The Westin Medical Center on 1709 Dryden Rd, Houston, TX 77030


3. Hotel Recommendations

 The 2024 American Dream Event is proud to host our event in the beautiful city of Houston again!

Please click here for our recommended hotels!



[Frequently Asked Questions]


1. What's included in the American Dream registration fee

Packages range depending on the type of ticket that you get (GA, Elite, VIP). Our basic GA ticket will include 2-day access to our 2024 event, while our VIP ticket will include 2- day access, exclusive event access, VIP seating, access to our VIP networking event and meeting our speakers!

2. How do I register once I buy my ticket

Upon your ticket purchase all attendees will receive a confirmation email attached with a QR code. We encourage all attendees to arrive EARLY to ensure a smooth registration process. As the event will start exactly at 9AM. We encourage attendees to arrive at LEAST an hour before our 9AM start. Upon arrival, attendees will be directed to registration where a representative will scan their QR code and print out their badge/s. Not to worry, if you arrive early complimentary coffee and snack stations will be available as well!


3. Can I give my ticket to someone else if I can't make it?

The American Dream event has a strict NO REFUND policy. However we do understand that unforeseen situations may occur. We have made it possible for tickets to be transferable if you or someone else cannot make it. Simply send them the QR code that you received via email and upon registration they will be able to confirm their attendance. However, once a QR code is scanned and registered it will NOT be transferable.

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