American Dream Conference

Join the Largest Conference For Hispanic and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Learn How To Live The American Dream

Houston, Texas, June 20th - 21st, 2024

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Join the Largest Conference for Hispanic and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The American Dream Conference, where the brightest minds of Spanish descent unite for empowerment and growth. Renowned author Stephen Martinez leads this transformative event, guiding attendees of English and Spanish descent to achieve success through strategic approaches.

Houston, Texas, June 20th - 21st, 2024



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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At The American Dream Conference.

Reason #1: World-Class Speakers

At the American Dream Conference, we spare no effort in bringing together the most exceptional experts in the fields of business, sales, and entrepreneurship. Our founder, Stephen, and the American Dream team work tirelessly to curate a lineup of five-star speakers who will share their proven strategies and future plans. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, as seats tend to sell out quickly even before we announce the speakers. Take a glimpse at the caliber of speakers we’ve had in the past, and secure your spot today.

Reason #2: Accelerate Your Learning Curve

This conference is all about delivering value without fluff or filler. In just three days, you will gain more knowledge and insights than you have throughout your entire career. By the end of the event, you’ll walk away with actionable plans that can be implemented immediately in both your business and personal life, propelling you towards success.

Reason #3: Network on a Massive Scale

The American Dream Conference brings together diverse individuals from various walks of life, united by their determination to dominate their respective markets. This environment presents you with unparalleled networking opportunities. Forge connections with like-minded individuals who are driven to succeed, and explore potential business alliances that could transform your future. Many of our past attendees have testified that the networking alone was worth their investment in attending the American Dream Conference.

Reason #4: Turbocharge Your Business and Life

At the heart of The American Dream Conference is the mission to inspire and empower you to reach your full potential. Join us on this transformative journey, and learn the essential steps to ensure your success, not just for the short term but for years to come. American Dreamers are not content to wait for opportunities; they create them. This conference will equip you with the tools and mindset to take charge of your business, income, and life like never before.

Reason #5: Dominate and Live Life on Your Terms

The impact of The American Dream Conference is truly global, with attendees from over 70 countries and counting. Our movement has touched the lives of over a quarter of a million people who have embraced the American Dream philosophy. As demand soars, seats are snapped up rapidly, often selling out before we even announce our guest speakers. Make the decision to commit to your growth and secure your seat now, as this is an event you won’t want to miss! Embrace the American Dream mindset and discover how you can dominate your industry and live life on your terms


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American Dream is the right thinking, combined with the right amount of actions across all of your life’s interests, to accomplish an extraordinary life; referred to as a American Dream Super Life.



Here's What Attendees Say

Our Previous American Dream Speakers

Chris Yano


CEO of Ryno Strategic Solutions

Chris is the CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions, a leading Digital Marketing company that has focused on the home services industry since 2008. He is also the host of the popular Home Services Podcast, To The Point. Chris is an experienced business owner, investor, and philanthropist with a heart for the trades. He’s done over 500 keynotes, breakouts, and webinars on successful digital marketing best practices for home services companies during his tenure. In 2018, Chris created a partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, arguably one of the best social/branding companies in the world, to bring a strong social/brand approach to the home service industry. Our motto at RYNO is “We Exist To Grow Your Business…Period.” That is exactly what we continue to do for the past 14 years.Chris is married to his wife of 17 years, Anna Yano (RYNO COO), and has 4 children, Kaycee, Berkeley, Mason & Fallon Yano.



American Businessman

First hispanic to come out of the trades with a record deal. My name is Ismael Valdez, I own Nexgen Air Conditioning and Plumbing out of Southern California. Last year 2022 we did 100 mil. in revenue. Nexgen started 7 years ago in a small location in Anaheim CA. 7 years ago we had no employees, no shop, and no license. Today we are the fastest growing HVAC and Plumbing company in the US. I also came up with my own thermostat, we call it Nuve. The reason why we came up with Nuve was to solve multiple deficiencies inside the operation.



American Businessman

Brent Franklin is a Navy veteran who has gone on to become a highly successful serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, with a track record of developing and selling hundreds of properties all over Texas. Beyond his impressive business accomplishments, he is also known as a mentor and advisor to business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. In 2018, he diversified his portfolio by venturing into the oil and gas industry, and quickly rose to become a full -time oil and gas operator within a year. With numerous successful property acquisitions and reworks under his belt, this individual is a true leader in the world of business regardless of the industry.



American Businesswomen, Real Estate Investor, And Radio Host

Erika is a pioneer in Spanish -language Real Estate investment education, when noticing the lack of quality education in the Spanish language, she co -founded the first bilingual ” REIA” Hispanic Real Estate Investors Association to promote investment an-rong the Hispanic community. Her passion for investing and helping the community led her in 2016 to host a radio program on Houston’s KYST 920 AM station “Invest in Real Estate”, a program that has been on the air for almost 6 years, and is also broadcast on social networks. In 2019, its portfolio of properties began and to date with more than 130 transactions, from Purchase and Sale, Fix & Flip , Wholesale, Rentals . Retail , Commercial and Land. With her experience, she established her own Investment Real Estate Brokerage in 2020, specializing in Investors, investment properties, and providing specialized consulting to her clients.

Using these platforms, for 7 years she has given workshops, conferences, and seminars, at the national level to people interested in bein Investors: working in collaboration with leaders in other states. Thus turnina immigrants into Investors, helping them prosper add value to their lives, their communities, and leave a better legacy for fuiure generation



American Businessman

Dan Zrihen is a decorated sales and leadership expert, motivational speaker, coach, and serial entrepreneur. Born in Northern California near San Francisco. His father an immigrant from Israel and mother whose family immigrated from Eastern Europe.Dan was an all league wrestler, played high school and college football. Growing up in a lower income bracket gave him incredible motivation to remove himself and his family from the grip of poverty. At 22 years old Dan started his career in the door to door industry for one of the largest home improvement companies in California and quickly became canvasser of the year multiple years in a row and manager of the year for the first time in the company’s history winning both in the same year.

At age 23 Dan was promoted to district manager leading a team of 50 to over 8 figures per year in revenue.He now owns an 8 figure, Public adjusting, General contracting, and solar company, as well as other investments. Dan, Married the love of his life and has 2 beautiful children and are now living in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeffery Wisniewski



Jeffery Wisniewski is the President and Founder of CutterCroix, LLC, creators of GiddyUp software, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to launching GiddyUp in 2008, Jeff held many leadership roles in both the technology and construction fields. He was the former Chief Technology Officer for an $800 MM family of construction companies. His experience provided him with the vision to create software that assists companies daily by ensuring GiddyUp “Fit the Software to the Company, not the Company to the Software”.

He believes that software should complement the business, not force the business to run the way a software person thinks it should run. Jeff and his entire team strive to become their client’s trusted technology partners – not just a vendor. Jeff resides in Ohio with his wife Traci, and their two children Avery and Jenny. In his spare time, he enjoys boating, clay shooting, and showing clients the best that Cleveland has to offer.

Reviews from Past Attendees

Attending the American Dream Conference last year in Houston was a game-changer for me. Stephen Martinez's insights were truly enlightening. I highly recommend this conference for anyone of Spanish descent looking to make waves in the entrepreneurial world.

Carlos G.

I had the honor of attending the American Dream Conference, and it was an experience like no other. Meeting and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs of Spanish descent gave me both the knowledge and network I needed.

Luisa M.

Stephen Martinez brings such energy and passion to the stage! His sessions at the American Dream Conference in Houston were the highlight of my year. Ready for round two!

Maria V.

A perfect blend of business strategies and cultural appreciation. The American Dream Conference gave me the tools and confidence to pursue my dreams. Thank you, Stephen Martinez!

Javier R

I still can't believe the wealth of knowledge I gained from attending the American Dream Conference. Kudos to Stephen Martinez for creating such an inclusive and empowering event.

Daniela S.

Last year in Houston, I had one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The American Dream Conference is a must-attend for every aspiring entrepreneur, especially those of Spanish descent.

Antonio F

Being at the American Dream Conference felt like being part of a large, supportive family. Stephen Martinez's dedication to uplifting the Spanish-speaking entrepreneurial community is evident in every detail of the event.

Elena P

The networking opportunities at the American Dream Conference were unparalleled. Not only did I learn from Stephen Martinez, but I also made connections that have been instrumental in my business growth.

Diego T

I attended the American Dream Conference in Houston last year and was blown away by the quality of speakers and the collaborative environment. Stephen Martinez is doing something truly special for the community.

Gabriela L

The American Dream Conference is more than just an event – it's a movement. I left feeling empowered, informed, and ready to tackle my entrepreneurial dreams.

Miguel C

Every session, every talk, every networking break was an opportunity to learn and grow. The American Dream Conference is a masterclass for entrepreneurs. Stephen Martinez has created a gem!

Patricia O

Stephen Martinez's American Dream Conference was both motivational and pragmatic. The lessons I learned there have directly impacted my business strategies. Can't wait for the next one!

Alejandro V

I've been to many conferences, but none have struck a chord quite like the American Dream Conference. Kudos to Stephen Martinez and his team for creating such a unique and impactful experience.

Sofia H

The American Dream Conference is the place to be for any entrepreneur, especially those of Spanish descent. The insights, the camaraderie, the energy – it's all unparalleled

Fernando L

I left the American Dream Conference with a notebook full of ideas, a heart full of motivation, and a contact list full of valuable connections. This conference is a gold mine!

Rosa M

Never have I been to a conference that so perfectly marries culture and business acumen. Stephen Martinez's American Dream Conference is the embodiment of empowerment.

Lucia G

Houston was buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit during the American Dream Conference. Stephen Martinez truly knows how to curate an event that speaks to the heart of aspiring business owners.

Ricardo Z

Stephen Martinez's leadership and vision for the American Dream Conference is evident in every aspect of the event. The lessons learned and connections made are priceless.

Esther A

Attending the American Dream Conference is like getting a master's degree in entrepreneurship in just a few days. The depth of knowledge and the quality of networking are top-notch.

Jorge N

The American Dream Conference was a whirlwind of inspiration, education, and connection. Stephen Martinez's dedication to uplifting the community is truly commendable. I'll definitely be back next year!

Adriana R

Stephen Martinez's American Dream Conference isn't just an event, it's a community. The inclusivity and focus on Spanish descent entrepreneurs make it a unique and invaluable experience.

Rafael W

I left Houston June 2023 feeling invigorated and ready to tackle the world of entrepreneurship head-on. The American Dream Conference is the perfect fusion of culture, strategy, and passion.

Carmen D

The American Dream Conference is an essential event for anyone serious about entrepreneurship. With Stephen Martinez at the helm, it's bound to be an experience full of growth and enlightenment.

Pedro S

Every aspiring entrepreneur should attend the American Dream Conference. It's a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and connections. Stephen Martinez's vision and dedication shine throughout the event.

Isabella Q